Initially responding to a tweet from President Donald Trump accusing early voters of "voting fraud," before adding "Cheat at your own peril," New York Times columnist Paul Krugman predicted how Trump will react if the GOP loses big in the midterms.

In a short tweet storm, the Nobel Prize-winning economist warned that -- along with Trump already beating the drum over what he will inevitably call election fraud -- the president will also commit illegal acts to remain in power if the Democrats take the House.

In the first tweet, Krugman wrote, "If Democrats don't at least take the House, God help us. But even if they do, we'll be facing a nightmarish political scene. Republicans will claim that the election was stolen, and deny the majority's legitimacy."

He then noted that Trump appointee, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, is refusing to turn over documents to Congress with Trump's blessing, adding Wilkie's defiance is a preview of what is to come.

"Democrats will gain subpoena power -- but expect the Trump administration to simply defy requests for information, the way they already are on issues like the Mar a Lago crowd's influence on the Veterans Administration," he tweeted, "They'll also probably abuse executive power in many other ways. And they'll use claims of voter fraud to justify their disregard of the law and Constitution. If you don't think this is going to happen, you haven't been paying attention."

He then warned, "In the very near future, many government officials will probably face hard decisions about whether to defy illegal orders from their political superiors. And remember, this is the good scenario."

You can see the tweets below: