'No decency’: Ex-GOP lawmaker pounds Trump for holding rally while catastrophic hurricane pounds Florida
Former GOP Rep. David Jolly

A GOP ex-congressman from Florida unloaded on Donald Trump for going through with his Pennsylvania rally in spite of the devastation raining down on the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Michael.

During a panel interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes and the New York Times' Michelle Goldberg, former congressman David Jolly noted that Trump is interested in neither "accountability" nor "decency."

"The contrast tonight with him in Pennsylvania is going to require a lot of Floridians to temper their anger," Jolly said. "We learned within the last ten minutes about the first fatality of this storm. There will likely be more."

Jolly — a political commentator who announced last week that he'd officially left the Republican Party — said that while South Georgia is still being battered by the hurricane, "the president is in Pennsylvania entertaining chants of 'lock her up' and making a joke about the #MeToo movement."

"There is no decency in what this president is doing," he said.