GOP pollster warns women will doom his party in 2018: 'Largest gender gap in history' is coming
Women's March on Washington (Photo by Sarah Burris /

Republican pollster Frank Luntz is warning that the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle is likely to further drive women voters into the arms of Democrats -- and that could spell doom for his party's chances of holding the House of Representatives.

In particular, Luntz tells Bloomberg News that the 2018 midterm elections are "going to be the largest gender gap in modern American history" when it comes to women's support for one political party.

Liam Donovan, a lobbyist who once worked as a Republican Senate operative, similarly tells Bloomberg that many suburban women are recoiling from the Republican Party at the worst possible time just prior to midterm elections.

"The problem for the GOP is twofold: one, the advantage cuts disproportionately in favor of Dems, and two, the drop-off is particularly acute among educated women in the metro suburbs where their members are most vulnerable," he explains.

Bloomberg cites recent polling data from Pew showing that 58 percent of registered women voters polled in late September would vote for a generic Democratic candidate for Congress, while just 35 percent would prefer a Republican candidate.

GOP strategist John Brabender, however, said he was skeptical that the GOP's standing among women could get much worse than it already has -- but he thinks that still will likely destroy its House majority in the midterm elections.

“There is sort of a female revolution going on at the voting booth,” he said. “Donald Trump has very much energized moderate-to-left-leaning women who were not as politically active as they are today.”