Jared Kushner explains why he's qualified for powerful White House job: 'The president trusts me'
Jared Kushner (Photo: Screen capture)

At a policy forum organized by CNN called CNN Citizen Monday, activist Van Jones asked Jared Kushner a wide range of questions, from what the administration planned to do about Saudi Arabia to their broader plan for addressing conflict in the Middle East to trade deals.

But first, Jones wanted to know how Kushner came to be in a position to take on these wide-ranging and complex problems from his perch in the White House. Specifically, Jones asked Kushner how he got "the dopest job in the world" as the "secretary of everything."

"Why should we have confidence in you to do all this stuff?" Jones asked.

"The President trusts me. I think he knows that every task he's given me ... I've been able to do it effectively, I've been able to deliver results," he said.