Kavanaugh college roommate 'corroborates' Debbie Ramirez's sexual assault accusation after FBI refuses to interview him
Deborah Ramirez and Brett Kavanaugh (Photos: Screen capture and provided)

One of the accusers for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh eagerly awaited the FBI's outreach so that she could detail her information about the possible justice. The agents never came.

Deborah Ramirez detailed her story with The New Yorker, which has followed her throughout the Kavanaugh scandal. They've watched along with the rest of America as she has been discredited by Kavanaugh's team and the Republican Party. At the same time, Fox News hosts have gone on television to call her a whore.

“I am very alarmed, first, that I was denied an F.B.I. investigation for five days, and then, when one was granted, that it was given on a short timeline and that the people who were key to corroborating my story have not been contacted,” Ramirez said. “I feel like I’m being silenced.”

In a recent New Yorker report, however, one person corroborates what she experienced.

Kenneth G. Appold lived in a suite with Kavanaugh while they were at Yale University and during the time of the drunken incident with Ramirez.

He had spoken to The New Yorker before on background but said that he was willing to come forward now because he wants to see a thorough investigation of her allegations.

Appold currently works as the James Hastings Nichols Professor of Reformation History at Princeton Theological Seminary, and he said he remembered hearing about the alleged incident between Ramirez and Kavanaugh.

"Appold said that he was 'one-hundred-per-cent certain' that he was told that Kavanaugh was the male student who exposed himself to Ramirez," The New Yorker reported. "He said that he never discussed the allegation with Ramirez, whom he said he barely knew in college. But he recalled details—which, he said, an eyewitness described to him at the time—that match Ramirez’s memory of what happened."

“I can corroborate Debbie’s account,” he told the magazine. “I believe her because it matches the same story I heard thirty-five years ago, although the two of us have never talked.”

Republicans reportedly held up the investigation into her allegations. Meanwhile, Kavanaugh and his team worked to discredit her. It backfired instead.

Read the full report from The New Yorker here.