Kavanaugh drinking buddy Mark Judge's college girlfriend gives sworn affidavit after FBI refuses to contact her
Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge (Photo: Screen capture and Facebook)

The FBI is continuing its work into the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as the Friday deadline approaches. One person that has information is Mark Judge's ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Rasor.

According to Rasor, the FBI still has yet to reach out to her, so she gave a sworn affidavit and released it publicly so that the information could be available to anyone on the Senate Judicial Committee.

The affidavit makes 14 major points to outline her story.

"I first met Mark Judge in or around the fall of 1986 while we were both students at Catholic University," it read. "We engaged in a serious romantic relationship for approximately two years beginning in 1986 through 1988. We dated exclusively during much of that time period and attempted to reunite several times in the months afterward until I moved to New York from Washington, D.C."

She continued, saying that while at the university she spent a lot of time "with Mark's friends from Georgetown Prep and attended a couple of social gatherings at which they were present."

She said that she did meet Brett Kavanaugh at a few social gatherings in and around 1987.

"At the parties, Brett and Mark attended during this period there was frequent and widespread alcohol consumption," she said. "In or around 1988 in the context of the conversation we had about how we lost our virginities. Mark told me in a voice that seemed to convey a degree of shame about an incident that had occurred a few years prior where he and several other boys from Georgetown Prep took turns having sex with a woman who was drunk."

She said in the affidavit that it was Judge's "perception that the sexual activity was consensual."

To her recollection, she believes Mark was sober while telling her this.

"After this initial conversation, Mark and I never discussed this again," she continued. "Mark did not share with me any names of other individuals involved in this incident and I do not have any information to suggest one way or another that Brett was one of them. Mark and I broke up toward the end of 1988. I last spoke with Mark in or around 2013. We met for lunch at Georgetown University to catch up, and I brought my son."

She swore under oath that her affidavit was true to the best of her knowledge.

Rasor is one of very few who has knowledge about these incidents.

Watch MSNBC host Rachel Maddow describe it below: