Leaked White House memo shows plans for Trump to claim credit if GOP holds House and blame party if they lose big
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

White House political director Bill Stepien wrote an internal memo that, "suggests Trump’s team is making preparations to explain away a Republican loss of the House and position Trump to claim credit if the party holds onto control of the Senate" Bloomberg News reports.

The memo claims Trump has raised $83 million for GOP House candidates and has stumped in 18 competitive or open seats.

Holding the House, "will be challenging," Stepien wrote.

“House Republicans’ goal this year is to minimize their losses,” Politico reports.

“The 2018 Senate map is only (potentially) favorable because of the way President Trump rewrote it in 2016,” he wrote.

“The prospect of redeploying President Trump’s 2016 coalition again in 2018 put these ‘red state Democrats’ on early notice, prompted the recruitment of strong GOP challengers and is what truly makes these states the pick-up opportunities they could be this November,” he argued. “These are NOT ‘red states’ or ‘Republican states’ – they are ‘Trump states.’”