Michael Avenatti warns Trump not to celebrate court win over Stormy Daniels: ‘He’s going to owe her a million bucks’
Attorney Michael Avenatti and Stephanie Clifford, the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels (Twitter).

Michael Avenatti called into MSNBC on Tuesday morning, where he mocked what he called President Trump's premature gloating over the dismissal of Stormy Daniels' defamation suit against the president, saying that when all was said and done, Trump would owe his client at least a million dollars.

Avenatti, who has already appealed the judgement, told host Hallie Jackson that Trump's victory lap was a little hasty.

"This idea that this is a total victory for Donald Trump and a total defeat for my client is a bunch of nonsense," he said dismissively. "The bigger case, the main case, the NDA case, we've won practically everything in that case."

Avenatti also laughed at the reimbursement his client was ordered to pay the president.

"At this point Donald Trump is going to end up owing my client close to $1 million in attorneys' fees and costs, far and above anything that's going to be awarded in this case," he said, adding that anything Daniels might have to pay would be "small potatoes" compared to the judgement he believed Trump would eventually face. He also predicted Daniels' would never wind up paying Trump restitution.

"The bottom line is Donald Trump and Michael Cohen are going to owe my client upwards of $1 million," he said. "So I don't understand how [Trump lawyer] Charles Harder and Donald Trump are popping champagne bottles over this. It's ridiculous, it's like Donald Trump talking about how many people were at his inauguration."

Watch the video below.