MSNBC panel laughs at Trump for promising middle class a tax cut after running on GOP cuts for rich: 'Congress isn't in session'
Kasie Hunt (MSNBC)

President Donald Trump told reporters before a Nevada rally Saturday that he intends to pass a bill before the election that would give tax cuts to the middle class. The president doesn't seem to know that Congress isn't even in session right now.

During an MSNBC discussion, host Kasie Hunt reminded the panel of the calendar problem as they all laughed out loud at the president's ignorance.

Republicans have tried to run on the GOP tax cut they passed that dropped the rate at which the super-wealthy and corporations are taxed, but it hasn't worked very well with Independent voters and certainly not with Democratic voters. Even Obamacare is more popular than the Republican tax cuts.

"NBC News has reached out to the White House for more specifics and clarification on that timing," Hunt noted about the new policy that came out of nowhere. "They, of course, have yet to respond. Phil Rucker, this strikes me as Republicans tried to message on the tax cut for corporations. They put it up in ads in special elections and found that actually, it had very little impact with their voters."

Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker agreed, saying it seems Trump is trying to keep the phrase "tax cuts" in the general political discourse as the elections approach.

"But it's not the decisive issue for a lot of voters. We're seeing as you were saying, immigration and trade being a real driving force, but other issues as well," he said. "The economy more generally. You cover Congress, Kasie. There is -- the only issue that may be more complicated is health care. There's no way a tax bill is going to soar through Congress."

Watch the full discussion below: