MSNBC reporter blames Republican conspiracy theories for bombs targeting Clinton and Obama

MSNBC reporter Hans Nichols put the blame for today's apparent attempts to bomb Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama squarely on the Republican party, saying their constant fearmongering and conspiracy theories had likely inspired the bomber.

"It's an indication of just how seriously they are taking it here at the White House that we could have actual political violence with bombs detonating, potentially at homes of political leaders," said Nichols, who said the White House did not "want to be in any way tied to it."

Nichols placed the blame entirely on conservative Republicans for pushing conspiracy theories to rile up their base ahead of the election, naming one Florida congressman as but a single example.

"You have had conservative lawmakers push some conspiracy theories that say George Soros is funding that caravan. You have seen some things that have been clearly debunked, issues that are not actually factual," he said. "Republican congresspeople, namely Matt Gaetz down there in Florida, talking about how George Soros is funding that caravan."

As a result, he said the White House is rushing to get ahead of the story "and let everyone know they're taking it very seriously."

Watch the video below.