Naval War College professor explains why alleged bomber Sayoc won't be the last Trump supporter to terrorize US
Cesar Sayoc via his Twitter feed

Working from the available information trickling out about alleged mail bomber Cesar Sayoc, Naval War College professor Tom Nichols created a profile of the man currently in federal custody and warned that he won't be the last to terrorize the country as Donald Trump's presidency falters and Fox News becomes more frenzied.

In a short burst of tweets, Nichols began by calling the accused Sayoc "nuts."

"The question isn't whether MAGA Van Guy is nuts, since he clearly is," he tweeted.  That's not the President's fault. The better question is whether the WH and the Trump media complex is pushing the crazy juice so hard that it's making unstable people more likely to be violent."

He went on to describe Sayoc as a possible "lone wolf," simliar to "guys who pledge to ISIS or to white supremacy or to anti-abortion violence are kooks who went looking for a cause."

"The difference here is that really hateful stuff is coming in waves not from foreigners or fringe groups, but from WH-sponsored rallies, from widely-cited internet sites that have zillions of followers, and from a four-hour window of hot crazy known as 'Fox in prime time,'" he continued.

"No one in politics or wingnut media made this guy send bombs. Period\," he explained. "What they did, instead, was superheat the political environment and flood crazy bullshit into the information space so regularly that unhinged guys like this think they're being patriots by sending bombs."

He then concluded, "We can all hope that this will make some of those people think hard about what they're doing, but it won't. And I doubt this guy is going to be the last guy to do something like this, especially as the administration unravels more over the coming months."

You can see his tweets below: