Presidential historian slams Trump for campaigning during unprecedented Hurricane Michael

In a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC, presidential historian Michael Beschloss slammed President Trump's decision to continue a campaign rally while Florida was being devastated by Hurricane Michael, an unprecedented Category 4 storm.

"The president is still planning to go to Pennsylvania on a political trip today," remarked host Andrea Mitchell. "That could be a decision that he changes once this hurricane hits landfall."

"He should have changed it already," said Beschloss, whose soon-to-be released book "Presidents of War" discusses presidential leadership in times of crisis. "It's clear that this hurricane is going to be a major event, tragically."

"The people right down in on the path right now are looking to see if the government is going to help them," Beschloss added, clearly referring to the Trump administration's failure to provide adequate relief to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017. "If their president is giving a political speech, not a great message to send to them, not fair."

Watch the video below.