Racist man flies into berserk rage after seeing black Denny’s worker — then things get really ugly
Rory French (KIRO)

A Washington man attacked a black kitchen worker on sight at a Denny's restaurant -- and then fought with police officers trying to arrest him.

The black cook said he went to a corner of the restaurant to take his break, and a customer -- later identified as Rory French -- immediately began using racial slurs against him, reported The News Tribune.

The employee went back to the kitchen to get away from the angry man, who continued taunting the cook.

“You are going down, I am going to kill you,” French allegedly said -- punctuating each threat with a racial slur.

Another customer stepped up to stop the 41-year-old French, who punched the man three times before other customers wrangled him by the straps on his overalls, the newspaper reported.

Customers held French by his overalls until Pierce County sheriff's deputies arrived, and the good Samaritan returned to his chicken-fried steak breakfast.

A deputy tried to distract French so he would turn around to be handcuffed.

"Hey, what's that?" the deputy said, pointing out a window behind French.

"That's a n*gger," French said, without turning around.

Deputies moved to arrest French, who then raised his fist.

"He still wasn’t cooperative and assaulted one of our officers -- and the fight was on," said detective Ed Troyer.

Deputies took the Graham man to the ground, but French continued to resist their efforts to put him in neck hold.

The struggle continued until a deputy kneed French in the shoulder, and they were able to place him in handcuffs.

French, who has prior convictions for assault, was charged with a hate crime, malicious harassment, assault and resisting arrest.

“He was actually going after somebody because of their race," Troyer said, "but then it became a fight with anybody and anything."