This is the one story Rick Scott doesn't want Florida voters to know about: report
Governor Rick Scott (Photo: Screenshot)

A Florida resident is suing the state after claiming that Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) consistently ignored her sexual assault case, reported Politico.

Lucille Alford, 61, works as a medical disability examiner. Alford claims that her boss sexually assaulted her.

"I tried to get the governor’s attention,” Alford said. “I felt like I was out there on a limb by myself and people were not really hearing me. I’m still traumatized.”

Alford said, “When a person [says they’ve] been battered or assaulted or traumatized by another person, that’s a statement of a crime. I thought I would be taken seriously.”

At the time of the assault in 2014, she reported the incident to the governor’s office, the Florida Commission on Human Relations, and to local police.

Scott's spokeswoman Mara Gambineri released a statement on Thursday saying, “Governor Scott takes allegations of sexual assault and harassment very seriously. He has zero tolerance for any sort of behavior like this."

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