Republican scandal-ridden presidency 100 years ago laid the groundwork for the release of Trump's tax returns — here's how
President Warren G.Harding and US President Donald Trump, seen here at a meeting with Colombian President Iván Duque at the United Nations. (Photo: AFP / Nicholas Kamm and Wikipedia)

A scandal-ridden Republican presidency 100 years ago led to laws that could facilitate the release of President Donald Trump's tax returns if Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, the New York Times explained today.

The tool that could finally free the information Trump had claimed he would release after an "audit" but then refused to disclose is Section 6103 in the tax code, which empowered Congress to investigate bribes paid to members of the Warren G. Harding administration by citizens who wanted to lease federal lands with oil reserves.

The provision allows Congress’s tax-writing committees to request from the Treasury Department tax returns or related information on any tax filer. That includes the president.

The president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that the issue would backfire as voters wanted to be kept in the dark about Trump's possible illegal acts and compromising business ties.

“It is really for the purpose of political harassment,” Giuliani said. “It is a heck of a good battle for a president.”

However, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said it would be a no-brainer.

“That is one of the first things we’d do — that’s the easiest thing in the world,” she said.