Terrified kids hide as enraged Pittsburgh man forces his way onto school bus to scream slurs at Hispanic driver
Man with road rage (Shutterstock)

A 60-year-old Pennsylvania man who went to his local police department to complain about a school bus driver instead found himself arrested after a video showed he cut off the bus and forced his way inside to scream at the driver in front of terrified elementary school kids.

According to WPXI, Mark Ferrari showed up at the Peters Township Police Department to complain that he was forced to swerve because of the bus.

However, after reviewing video of the incident from two weeks ago, police determined that he cut off the bus and stormed onto it as several children exited, screaming and swearing at the Hispanic bus driver as other children hid behind seats.

According to the report, Ferraris dropped three F-bombs in front of the kids while screaming racial slurs and telling the driver he shouldn't have a job in the U.S.

After viewing the video, school authorities praised the driver for his conduct, including putting himself between Ferrari and the kids.

Police have charged the 60-year-old with ethnic intimidation, unauthorized school bus entry, harassment and disorderly conduct.