'This is ridiculous': CNN's Anderson Cooper hammers Trump lover Mike Shields from distracting from the real birthright citizenship issue
Anderson Cooper [Photo: Screengrab from video]

CNN's Anderson Cooper's panel went off the rails after talking about President Donald Trump's new alternative fact that he can change birthright citizenship by executive order.

Trump defender Mike Shields tried to ask if birthright citizenship is being abused and tried to steer the panel away from the real issue: Trump's process.

Cooper jumped in and quickly shut down Shields.

"Mike, the whole thing is about the process. You can have this debate about birthright citizenship, but the president announcing that he can do this by executive order, you know is just not true. Right?" Cooper said.

Cooper added, "This is ridiculous. It's purely just about saying something to throw up a week before the election to stop people from talking about the 11 murdered Jews."

Watch below via CNN.