Trump calls Michael Cohen a liar for alleging the president told him to break the law
Michael Cohen and Donald Trump (Photo: Screen captures)

President Donald Trump told the Associated Press during an interview that his former attorney Michael Cohen was “lying” when he testified to the judge under oath that the president directed him to break the law and intimidate women.

Trump said that the claim was "totally false" and dismissed the lawyer as nothing more than “a PR person who did small legal work.” Yet, Cohen still served as Trump's so-called "fixer" for years.

He also didn't back down from calling Stormy Daniels a "horseface," which he tweeted earlier Tuesday.

"You can take it any way you want,” Trump told the AP when asked if it was "appropriate" for a president to insult a woman’s appearance.

Cohen once spoke glowingly about the president and defended him in frequent interviews on cable news. The president too once defended the attorney, but since Cohen struck a plea deal, Cohen became the enemy.