Trump forced to storm Florida for votes after Andrew Gillum humiliates his personally endorsed candidate
President Donald Trump and Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum.

Polls show that Democrat Andrew Gillum has regularly maintained a lead over Trump-endorsed rival Ron DeSantis in the race to become Florida's next governor -- and President Donald Trump is now reportedly worried.

According to Politico, Trump plans to visit Florida twice to campaign for DeSantis and for current Gov. Rick Scott, who is running a tight Senate race against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson.

Mac Stipanovich, a longtime Florida GOP lobbyist, tells Politico that Trump's reelection chances in the state could take a big hit with a charismatic Democratic governor stumping for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.

"A Gov. Gillum would be a significant obstacle for a Trump presidential campaign in Florida, and a Gov. DeSantis would be a significant asset," he said. "If they think Florida’s important, which I’m certain they do, they should be quite worried."

In addition to Trump visiting the state twice, the White House has also reportedly been mulling "blanketing" the state with Trump robo-calls and sending presidential text messages to voters who haven't yet mailed in their absentee ballots.