Trump-loving pundit: Rabbi at Pittsburgh synagogue got his own people killed because he helped immigrants
Trump-loving pundit Katie Hopkins (Screen cap)

Katie Hopkins, a pundit from the United Kingdom who has expressed deep admiration for both President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, blamed the chief rabbi of Pittsburgh for getting his own people killed because of his support for immigrants.

Writing on Twitter, Hopkins pinned the blame directly on Tree of Life Synagogue Rabbi Jeffrey Myers for supposedly inspiring white nationalist Robert Bowers to murder 11 Jews at his synagogue on Saturday. In particular, Hopkins said that Myers' past criticism of Trump's immigrant family separation policies made him a logical target for the killer.

"Watching the pin-the-blame on the donkey after Pittsburgh Synagogue," she wrote. "Gab. Trump. White Supremcists. The Media. Muslims. Look to the Chief Rabbi and his support for mass migration... there you will find your truths."

In posts on social media, Bowers repeatedly invoked the baseless conspiracy theory about Jews -- including frequent Trump target George Soros -- funding a caravan of refugee seekers traveling from Guatemala through Mexico.

Many Twitter users following Hopkins immediately slammed her for blaming the victims of the massacre while seeming to show sympathy for a mass murderer. Check out some of the reactions below.