WATCH: CNN's April Ryan pushes Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Trump's Central Park 5 hypocrisy
CNN analyst April Ryan. (Shuttershock)

In a press conference Wednesday, CNN reporter April Ryan asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about why President Donald Trump has yet to apologize for deeming the Central Park 5 guilty and calling for their execution.

The teens were wrongly convicted of violently raping a woman in New York's Central Park and fully exonerated after spending years in prison.

After Sanders papered over another reporter's question about the Central Park 5 by emphasizing "due process," April Ryan jumped in and pressed Sanders about the blatant hypocrisy in the president's stance.

"He said the Central Park 5 were guilty. Does he feel that way now?" Ryan asked.

"The president has taken this moment to say that he's been affected personally by all of these allegations," Ryan continued, referencing the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Sanders tried to move on, but Ryan pressed the issue.

"He's picking and choosing ... he said the Central Park 5 were guilty and he has said Bill Clinton was guilty. Has he decided to change his mind on the Central Park 5 as they have been exonerated?"

Sanders evaded her question, choosing instead to bring up a string of sexual misconduct and assault accusations against former President Bill Clinton spanning decades.