Watch CNN's Symone Sanders chide the GOP for finally denouncing 'known white supremacist' Steve King — a week before the midterms
Symone Sanders [Photo: screengrab from video]

A former Bernie Sanders presidential campaign spokesperson said that the National Republican Congressional Committee doesn't deserve praise for finally rebuking Iowa's "known white supremacist" congressman Steve King.

Earlier in the day, NRCC chairman Steve Stivers (R-OH) "strongly" condemned King's "recent comments, actions, and retweets" — but as Symone Sanders noted, the Iowa Republican has long been known for making racist remarks and associating with racist figures.

"Steve King has been in Congress for 15 years and he gets in one close race and all of a sudden, 'white supremacy is too much for us,'" Sanders said. 

"Look, I'm happy that a week out from the election when the polls are really close and after all of the debauchery that Steve King has said and engaged in, that finally the NRCC has grown a spine to abandon Steve King," she added. 

Symone also noted that the congressman who in 2017 echoed the infamous neo-Nazi "14 words" phrase when he complained that "our civilization can't be restored with someone else's babies" has a "direct line to white supremacy" — just like Donald Trump.

Watch below via CNN: