WATCH: Fox News heavily edits footage of Kanye-Trump meeting to present serious policy discussion
A Fox News still of Kanye West (bottom left) and Donald Trump (upper right) in the Oval Office. Image via screengrab.

Fox News on Thursday ran a heavily-edited supercut of moments from Kanye West's Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump that made the rapper appear more reasonable.

"Here is Kanye today at times pounding the Resolute Desk while urging Americans to consider the possibilities under this president," host Martha McCallum said at the top of her hour — but none of the footage she played showed the rapper's bombastic performance.

In one clip, West is heard complaining about the stereotype that African-Americans have to be Democrats and blaming it on "welfare." The video then goes directly into the rapper discussing prison reform before cutting to a discussion about education.

After playing the supercut, McCallum began an interview with Fox's Geraldo Rivera, who also acknowledged that West was "flamboyant" and spoke in a "stream of consciousness" manner.

Watch below via Fox News: