WATCH: MSNBC panelists explain how Michael Avenatti can destroy the president by 'out-Trumping' him
Donald Trump, Michael Avenatti -- scrteenshots

MSNBC experts on Saturday noted that there's only one person who can "out-Trump" the president.

Danielle Moodie-Mills, host of the SiriusXM podcast "WokeAF," explained that in spite of Elizabeth Warren's attempts to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump, the president is going to "go after" her and his other opponents regardless.

New York Magazine's Josh Barro pointed out that Warren learned the same lesson that Marco Rubio and others who attempted to "get in the mud" with Trump had to learn.

"It just makes you look undignified," he said.

"Unless you're Michael Avenatti, you don't get in there and try to out-Trump Trump," Barro said.

The reporter added that although he personally hopes the bombastic attorney doesn't attempt to go for the nomination, "he's the only person able" to mimic Trump's media approach.

"Michael Avenatti does look ridiculous, but in a way that he owns it," Barro said. "It comes off as he intends when he fights on Trump's level. It doesn't really work for anyone else."

"It's very authentic when he does it," Moodie-Mills said, and host David Gura added that the lawyer "wears it well."

Watch below, via MSNBC: