‘Watch your wallet, man’: Maddow takes down GOP congressman for ‘conning’ voters into spoiling ballots
Host of 'The Rachel Maddow Show' on MSNBC.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow on Monday slammed Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) for attempting to deceive voters into voting late so their ballots won't be counted.

This is the second cycle in a row when Rep. Zeldin's campaign has used this tactic.

"Lee Zeldin in 2016 was definitely on the bubble as to whether or not he was going to be just a one-term congressman," Maddow noted. "But at the apex of that crucial race for him in 2016, Congressman Lee Zeldin's campaign did something that was a little hinky, especially in retrospect it seems really hinky."

"If voters in Zeldin's district had actually followed the instructions on that mailer from their own congressman, their vote wouldn't have counted," she explained. "He is telling them to send in their votes a day late. That's terrible, right? Terrible."

"In 2016, you try to pull this off, you target Democrat-leaning voters in your district and you try to trick them into voting late so their votes won't be counted, and you get caught and you say it was a mistake," Maddow explained. "And then two years later, you pull the exact same trick."

"Honestly, though, if you live in that district, man, think about how it must feel to know that your member of Congress -- your representative in Washington -- is trying to get re-elected by tricking you into voting on the wrong day so your vote won't count," she noted.

"Watch your wallet, man, in that district, right? This is how he wants to represent you, by conning you into maybe screwing up your vote so it won't count," she concluded.