WATCH: Woman destroys Texas Republican at his own campaign event for using racist language
Unidentified woman, Rep. Pete Olson (R) -- screencap

A Texas lawmaker facing a tough re-election battle was confronted by one of his constituents for using racist language at a recent meet and greet with voters.

Rep. Pete Olson (R) was filmed in the confrontation defending calling his opponent, Sri Preston Kulkarni, an “Indo-American carpetbagger” at a previous meet-up.

As Olson pranced around regaling the small crowd with a story about his visit to a Trump rally where the crowd chanted, "CNN sucks," the congressman was interrupted by a woman asking why he thought the chant was "awesome."

“Because CNN sucks. They're liberal,” Olson replied to the delight of some in the crowd.

As the woman pressed him about the appropriateness of attacking the cable network, Olson just stared at her by crouching down to look in her face as one supporter broke the awkward silence by offering, "Sometimes we have to have fun."

The woman refused to give up, asking why he would use a racist slur to describe his opponent, only to have Olsen duck the question with a glib, "I didn’t mention his race. Carpetbagger’s not a race,” as a few in the crowd laughed nervously.

Watch the video below via YouTube: