Watergate prosecutor: Why it's 'disturbing' that Trump's lawyers are answering Mueller questions for him
Composite image of Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen captures)

Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks mocked President Donald Trump for having his legal defense team draft written answers to questions asked by special counsel Robert Mueller -- instead of sitting for a live interview with investigators.

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes noted that, "tonight NBC News confirms the president's legal team is finally preparing answers to a list of questions submitted by the special counsel."

President Trump repeatedly claimed he was willing to submit to an in-person interview.

"And according to NBC's source, those questions are squarely focused on whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to illegally subvert the 2016 election," Hayes continued.

"I'm very pleased they're about -- what I would call conspiracy, not collusion, there is no such crime -- but I am disturbed that it's so clearly being drafted by his lawyers, that's not an answer," Wine-Banks explained.

"Obviously he will have to submit them under his name, and he will be responsible for them, but the fact that he's being protected from answering the questions himself says that he can't be trusted to answer those questions about conspiring with the Russians, or any other foreign power," Wine-Banks concluded.

"So that's disturbing," she added.

"It's nowhere near as good as having an in-person interview, where the witness has to answer extemporaneously and is thinking on the spot," she explained.