Which Trump-lover embarrassed America in Africa more: Melania or Kanye West?
Melania Trump and Kanye West in Africa. [Photo: via Twitter]

After his meltdown in front of President Donald Trump, Kanye West jet-setted off to Africa to shoot a music a video.

During his trip to Uganda, West was criticized for embarrassing America. During his trip, he met with Uganda's controversial President Yoweri Museveni and flew on a private jet to an orphanage to pass out Yeezy shoes. While talking about tourist attractions for Uganda he told Museveni that his vision was to make it look "like Jurassic Park or Disney World.”

"Ye’s trip to Uganda is bizarre on several levels. Obviously, there’s the disconnect between his outspoken support for our racist president and his desire to give back to African communities, as well as his convoluted views on the 13th Amendment and slavery," Libby Torres, a writer for the Daily Beast wrote.

First Lady Melania Trump also visited Africa. During her trip, she visited Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt. Her trip centered around promoting her "Be Best" campaign, however, she was highly criticized for dressing like a colonizer.