41 people connected to 'Ghostface Gangsters' white supremacist group arrested on weapons and drug charges: DOJ
Symbols associated with the "Ghostface Gangsters" white supremacist group in Georgia. Images via Google+ and Twitter.

More than 40 people connected to the "Ghostface Gangsters" white supremacist group have been charged and arrested in Georgia on weapons and drug charges.

A Department of Justice press release revealed that 43 people were charged and 41 were arrested in the Southern District of Georgia.

The sting dubbed "Operation Vanilla Gorilla" in an apparent reference to the group's self-appointed "vanilla gorilla" moniker led to charges "for a multitude of offenses involving trafficking methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin," Bobby L. Christine, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia, announced in the statement.

The November sting of prison-based Georgia group is the largest to date following a March operation in which 23 Ghostface Gangster members were arrested for alleged drug and racketeering offenses.

The DOJ statement listed the charges against the GFG members which included dozens of charges related to the possession and distribution of drugs and the illegal ownership of firearms, including a sawed-off rifle and another weapon with an "obliterated" serial number.

The statement also noted that there were two charges filed against group members for possession of counterfeit money.

The Ghostface Gangster sting in Georgia came days after authorities in Florida arrested 39 members of two affiliated neo-Nazi groups and found a rocket launcher and pipe bombs as well as methamphetamines.