Alex Jones' InfoWars infected with malware that steals your credit card information
Conservative radio host Alex Jones on Nov. 14, 2014. [YouTube]

Right wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been ripping off his Infowars audience for years by selling overpriced vitamin supplements of dubious effectiveness, but now security researchers have discovered that the Infowars store has been infected with malware that steals his customers' credit card information, according to Gizmodo.

The malware, known as Magecart, was discovered by Dutch security researcher Willem de Groot on every Infowars store page. The code would spring to life when customers checked out, mining their payment data and sending their credit card information every 1.5 seconds to a server located in in Lithuania.

In a statement, Jones said "only" 1,600 of his customers had been caught up in the scam, and added that he was the victim of a worldwide conspiracy.

"This latest action is a concerted effort to de-platform Infowars by big tech, the communist Chinese, and the Democratic party who have been publicly working and lobbying to wipe Infowars from the face of the earth," Jones wrote. "America is under attack by globalist forces and anyone standing up for our republic will be attacked mercilessly by the corporate press, Antifa and rogue intelligence operatives. Infowars will never surrender!"