Black Georgia voters have a message for 'white folks who still think we should be picking cotton' -- and they're coming after the GOP
Composite image of Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams (Photos: Facebook)

In a deep dive into the battle for the Georgia governorship between Democrat Stacey Abrams and the Republican Secretary of State who has been accused off suppressing black voter turnout, older African-American voters are pushing for everyone to get out and vote, saying the days of Jim Crow are long over.

According to a report from Georgia by Politico, concern is high that Brian Kemp, the GOP nominee for governor, is doing everything he can steal the election, including attempting to suspend the voter registrations of 53,000 Georgians -- mostly African-Americans -- over minor typos and missing hyphens.

Black voters are responding by showing up to the early voting in droves with approximately 1.5 million voters overall already having cast their ballots.

Speaking with Politico, some of the black voters are explaining why Kemp's attempt to shut them out has made them even more determined to have their voices heard.

According to Gwendolyn Thompson who said was in sixth grade when she integrated her elementary school in the town of Thomaston -- only to have white kids call her "darky" -- the time is now and Abrams is the candidate.

“They see us advancing, and they’re panicking,” she explained. “They want to keep their feet on our necks.”

Agreeing with her was 66-year-old retired teacher Sandra Willis who said that she’s "waited all her life for a governor who looked like her and cared about her."

“A lot of white folks still think we should be picking cotton,” she said. “They’re afraid for us to get a piece of what they’ve had for years.”

Nonetheless, some black voters still worry about GOP electoral shenanigans.

“They can make them machines do what they want to do,” said Claudette Fagan, a 75-year-old retired nanny from Thomaston. “It’s like Jim Crow all over again.”

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