Cliven Bundy rebukes Trump on immigration: 'We should have a heart'
Cliven Bundy (KLAS) (1)

Cliven Bundy, a Nevada cattle rancher, became a lightning rod for anti-government crusaders who thought the federal and state governments had abused their power by arresting him for allowing his livestock to graze on public land without paying fees.

Bundy and his sons were pardoned by President Donald Trump.

The cattle rancher and his family have been vocal supporters of the President. Yet even Bundy has expressed discomfort with the President's anti-immigrant sentiments.

"I don’t like walls," Bundy told the Guardian.

“I really question his doctrine ever since he started it about building a wall,” Bundy, 72, told the Guardian on Wednesday. “I don’t like walls. I think we oughta be able to get along with neighbors … Trump’s wall never did sit very good with me.”

"We should have a heart," he added.