CNN commentator rips Trump for treating the entire US government as his 'personal servants': They work for taxpayers
Donald Trump speaks from the White House Oval Office (CNBC/screen grab)

On Tuesday, CNN commentator Jeffery Toobin said that President Donald Trump believes every official who does not do his dirty work is "weak."

The New York Times dropped a bombshell report that said Trump wanted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former F.B.I. Director James Comey prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

In the article, Trump reportedly called the FBI director "weak."

"This is his view of any government officials. Whether it's in the FBI or the Justice Department, who doesn't do his personal bidding," Toobin said. "He has absolutely no understanding that the FBI, the Justice Department, the entire U.S. government works for the taxpayers, works for defending the Constitution."

He added, "He thinks they are all his personal servants. When they don't do something he wants to be done, even if there is no legal basis for it. Even if it's a violation of all of our traditions in the legal community he gets angry."

Watch the interview below via CNN.