CNN commentator blasts insecure Trump for 'weakening' the American presidency
Donald Trump speaks to reporters/Screenshot

On Wednesday, CNN commentator Carrie Cordero said that President Donald Trump will weaken the office of the presidency.

Trump attacked Chief Justice John Roberts on Twitter after Roberts rebuked Trump's claim that there are "Obama judges."

Cordero said that Trump's display of ignorance and lack of knowledge on the judicial branch will weaken his presidency.

During an interview with CNN's John Berman, she said "The chief justice doesn't need a lesson on the judiciary. The president has a fundamental -- I won't call it a misunderstanding, he has a non-understanding on the way the system is set up, on the checks and balances and on the independence of the judicial system.'

Cordero added, "This is one moment in time. This is just today where it happened to be the chief justice. This is part of the broader understanding of government and the president doesn't seem to have that understanding. What he consistently is doing is trying to push down the other branches of government."

"I think it's going to backfire. I think eventually the institutions are going to prevail and he will end up leaving the presidency weaker," she said.

Watch the interview below via CNN.