Trump lacks the 'basic intellect' to understand he shouldn't interfere with DOJ investigations: CNN's Bakari Sellers
Bakari Sellers (Photo: Screen capture)

A new report from the New York Times claims that President Donald Trump wanted to order the Department of Justice to prosecute former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but was blocked from doing so by White House counsel Don McGahn.

Discussing the report on CNN, Bakari Sellers said he was most disturbed by the fact that seemingly no amount of legal reasoning has been able to convince Trump that he shouldn't order the DOJ to prosecute his enemies.

"It's not just that the president is trying to prosecute a political rival," he said. "It's that I don't believe the president truly understands how government works, and I think that's an even sadder piece of commentary. I don't think the president understands that he cannot control who gets prosecuted in the Department of Justice."

Sellers went on to say that Trump lacks "the basic intellect and understanding of the fundamentals of government."

Camerota then played a clip from 2017 in which Trump lamented that he had been told not to order the DOJ to arrest his political foes.

"The saddest thing is, because I am the president of the United States, I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department and I am not supposed to be doing the kinds of things I would love to be doing," he said during a radio interview. "I am frustrated, and why aren't they going after Hillary Clinton with her e-mails?"

Watch the video below.