CNN panel bursts into laughter at Trump 'frustration' over not being ‘involved' in Russian collusion investigation
Anderson Cooper (CNN / Screengrab)

President Donald Trump made an appearance on Larry O'Connor's radio show where he lamented his inability to control the many investigations into possible collusion or possible obstruction of justice.

"The saddest thing is because I'm president of the United States I'm not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department, the FBI, doing the kinds of things that I would love to be doing and I'm very frustrated by it," Trump told O'Connor.

The CNN panel burst out into chuckles at the idea that Trump would love to be involved in the investigation for which his own former staffers have been indicted.

"Because they're investigations of him!" former Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein exclaimed. "His family and people around him -- it's a ridiculous statement on its face, but I want to say one thing about this idea of a target of the investigation. Usually you don't become a target of an investigation and get a so-called target letter from the federal government until you have about to be indicted. Right now it's no secret that Jared Kushner is the focus of many inquiries by both the intelligence community and the FBI."

Bernstein went on to explain that presumably special counsel Robert Mueller is the coordinator of all of that information about Kushner.

"All of these areas come together often on his portfolio, as it were, which is so broad it extends to politics, family, money, all over the board. that's why he's --" Bernstein said before being cut off.

Michael Zeldin, Mueller's former special assistant at the Department of Justice, dived in to say that one of the major reasons that Kushner has been a target is his involvement in the Cambridge Analytica data operation.

"And how does that marry up with the social media, Russia, troll campaign, because they seem to have some similarities with respect to ability to target key voters in states you wouldn't have thought they would go to," Zeldin said. "They had information, I don't know whether it's coincidental, whether Facebook is unwitting conduit between the two, but another area they have to look at."

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