CNN's Camerota baffled as Trump voter explains why Clinton's affair was worse than multiple harassment claims
Republican voter Cindy Ruggiero talks with CNN (Screen cap).

A Trump supporter this week baffled CNN's Alisyn Camerota when she tried to explain why she found former President Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky far more troublesome than the multiple allegations of sexual harassment leveled against President Donald Trump.

In response to a question about the tone in American discourse under Trump, Republican voter Cindy Ruggiero pinned the blame on Clinton for setting standards "much lower" for presidential behavior when he engaged in sexual activity with Lewinsky while president.

She also said that the affair was "much more offensive" than anything Trump has said or done over the last three years.

Camerota then pointed out that more than 15 separate women have publicly accused Trump of sexually harassing them.

"I'm not saying I condone that," Ruggerio said. "I am bothered by that. But I am more bothered by the fact that President Clinton was in the White House!"

"The location bothers you?" a puzzled Camerota asked.

"The location and his status at that time," she replied.

Fran Furtado, a Democratic voter who was also on the panel, then said that it made her "crazy" when Trump supporters point to either Clinton or Obama to justify the president's outrageous actions.

Watch the video below.