CNN's Don Lemon: President Trump is showing you how 'rattled' he is right now
Don Lemon and Donald Trump [Photo: screengrab]

On Wednesday, CNN's Don Lemon said that President Donald Trump latest unprecedented actions only reveal how truly "rattled" he is.

A day after the midterm election, Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He also held a 90 minutes press conference in which he attacked reporters, Democrats and members of his own party.

Lemon was at loss of words at Trump's behavior and simply said that he must be worried about the days ahead since the Democrats took back the House on Tuesday.

"President Trump is showing you just how rattled he is right now," Lemon said opening his show. "On the day he purged a top member of his administration and basically threw a 90-minute temper tantrum in the White House news conference, only hours after his party lost control of the House, he fired Jeff Sessions."

Lemon added, "Except the man famous for saying 'you're fired' for pretend on television apparently couldn't say it himself."

Watch below via CNN.