CNN's Jake Tapper 'could spend three hours' listing Trump's lies about the caravan -- but here are just a few
CNN's Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's press conference Thursday was riddled with lies, many of which he's repeated at his campaign rallies for the past few weeks.

"Before we talk about this with the panel," Tapper began. "Just a few fact-checks, I could spend three hours."

He explained that the president's claim that asylum seekers that are caught never show up for their court date is an outright lie. The Department of Homeland Security reports 76 percent rate of those appearing. PolitiFact concurs.

Second, Trump claimed that there are an estimated 20 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. That number has come down from Trump's initial exaggeration of 25-30 million he quoted the previous day. His own government puts that number at closer to 12 million.

"He said that they had started building the wall. No," Tapper corrected. "If you're talking about the concrete wall that president Trump talked about on the campaign trail [in 2016]; no, they have not started building the wall. There's been some improvements to fencing and things along the border, and the wall itself that President Trump talked about they have not started building that."

Tapper noted that Trump claimed Republicans are in unison on the issue of immigration, which also isn’t true. If they were, a bill would have been passed by now. So far the moderate wing of the GOP has broken with the Tea Party wing and Trump sides with the latter.

Meanwhile, Democratic consultant and CNN commentator Paul Begala remarked that all of this is to distract from the "caravan of Republicans" coming to take away health care from Americans.

Watch Tapper's "small" fact-check below: