CNN's Jim Acosta warns Trump's governmental staff is close to violating laws by appearing at political GOP rallies
CNN's Jim Acosta via screengrab

Following President Donald Trump's rally in Indiana, CNN's Jim Acosta noted he saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the rally with the president. It could end up creating some legal problems for her according to the White House correspondent.

While the president has traveled all over the country doing his own rallies with members of the state's GOP standing on stage with him, he's now calling in the reinforcements. Demographics show that women are falling away from the GOP in drastic ways. CNN reported Monday that 62 percent of woman are supporting Democrats with only 35 percent supporting Republicans.

Sanders was recruited along with first daughter Ivanka Trump to appear at the final rallies with the president, but Acosta noted it puts them in danger of violating the Hatch Act.

The Trump White House has had problems with the law since taking office. The office of special counsel found senior advisor Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act when she told Fox News viewers to buy Ivanka brand items while speaking for the president on the White House lawn.

Watch Acosta's comments below: