Conservative AB Stoddard shames Republicans for not making elections better after they 'flip out' during ballot counting
FL. Gov, Rick Scott (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Conservative A.B. Stoddard called out President Donald Trump, Rick Scott and other elected officials who always complain about elections but then never do anything to make it better after the fact.

During an MSNBC panel discussion about the recount in Florida, host Kassie Hunt showed an interview with Gov. Scott on Fox News Sunday, mischaracterizing things Sen. Ben Nelson said about the votes.

"A.B. Stoddard, is any of that true?" Hunt asked her guest.

"No," Stoddard said simply. "Rick Scott is the governor of Florida. And there are a lot of questions about the leadership election supervisors in Broward County and Palm Beach. Brenda Snipes, in Broward County, has had a rough history, which has caused people to be skeptical. I have a question for the governor which is why did you not replace her before this election?"

Stoddard noted that so much of this is a redux of previous elections where Republicans blame Democrats because the counties are blue. But when it comes to taking any action, Republicans don't really care.

"It is the job of President Trump and the job of Rick Scott who is the governor of the Sunshine State to maintain whatever trust citizens have left in these systems and fix the problems they have," she continued. "After elections, no one put any money into these systems. They never want to make it better. But at the time, they want to name and shame people and flip out."

She explained that there are people in the GOP like Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who are "reckless with his rhetoric" about the election being "stolen" or insinuating a fraud has been committed against the GOP.

"It's really profound to see the governor of Florida and the president of the United States insinuating that there is fraud going on in Arizona as well as Florida and that it's Sen. Nelson's fault and he wants illegal votes to count," she closed. "This kind of thing, when we have such a fragile level of trust anyway in our system is so destructive. And I don't see enough people calling it out."

The Republicans this year have fully never clarified why they don't believe in counting every vote from Americans.

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