Frank Luntz sheds ‘Republican’ label: ‘It’s hard to be partisan when you see the damage that’s done’
Frank Luntz -- Fox News screenshot

Appearing on Fox News’ MediaBuzz with host Howard Kurtz, conservative pollster Frank Luntz decried the polarized state of U.S. political affairs -- that he is partly to blame for -- and said the extremist turn of the GOP has him wondering if he can call himself a Republican any longer.

Speaking with the host, Luntz slammed the "poisonous atmosphere" he has seen while talking to voters and said the U.S. can't continue down the road it is on under Donald Trump -- while ducking pinning the blame on the president when pressed.

“Do you regret any of the tactics of your past, and are you now moving to a different place when you talk about ‘I want to spend 2019 finding common ground’?” Kurtz pressed the pollster. “That’s not Frank Luntz the partisan warrior.”

“It’s hard to be a partisan warrior when you see the damage that’s done,” Luntz lamented, before the Fox host asked him, “Do you still consider yourself a Republican?”

“I don’t know,” Luntz replied before attacking both Republicans and Democrats over inner-city policies.

When asked if Trump had a hand in his dilemma, Luntz ducked the question and criticized both parties.

“I don’t like the tone and demeanor of either of them,” the pollster replied.

“It sounds like you are becoming an independent without using those words,” Kurtz suggested.

Watch the video below via Fox News: