'Such a coward': Soledad O'Brien levels Marco Rubio for weaseling out of condemning Trump over Navy SEAL insult
Soledad O'Brien speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

Journalist Soledad O'Brien, the CEO of Starfish Media Group, on Monday took aim at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) after he declined to criticize President Donald Trump for insulting a former Navy SEAL who is responsible for killing terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.

In a Sunday interview on Fox News, Trump complained about retired Navy Admiral William H. McRaven, who has called the president a "threat to democracy." According to Trump, McRaven and his fellow Navy SEALs should have taken out bin Laden "a lot sooner."

Rubio responded on Monday by praising McRaven -- but he declined to condemn Trump's attack.

"I do know that few Americans have sacrificed or risked more than he has to protect America & the freedoms we enjoy," Rubio wrote. "I am grateful for his service."

O'Brien, a former CNN host, called Rubio's tweet "absolute cowardice."

"[Marco Rubio] is such a coward with this response," she wrote on Twitter. "Does not call out the President of the United States for insulting Adm. McRaven. Rubio is a terrific example of Republican lawmakers terrified of Trump. Absolute cowardice."