Former CIA director slams the 'tragic symbolism' of Trump's refusal to visit WW1 memorials: 'There's no excuse'
Former CIA Director Michael Hayden/CNN screen shot

Former CIA director Michael Hayden slammed President Trump's refusal to visit military cemeteries and memorials in both the US and Europe, saying there was "no excuse" for the decision, which reeked of "tragic symbolism".

"I was visiting cemeteries despite the threatening weather," Hayden told CNN anchor John Berman in a subtle swipe at the president's refusal to go out in the rain. "The impact of this event on me is really strong."

Hayden turned up his nose at Trump's excuses for skipping out on the event, and openly questioned his mental competence.

"If the president has his wits about him, he would have realized the only legitimate excuse for not going to the battlefield was that he was dying," he said. "Otherwise there is no excuse for not showing up there, given the symbolism is going, and really the tragic symbolism of his not going."

Watch the video below.