Former federal prosecutor tells MSNBC why Mueller may already have filed 18 sealed indictments
Robert Mueller in 2012 (U.S. Embassy Tallinn)

Former Department of Justice public corruption prosecutor Paul Butler explained how special counsel Robert Mueller may have anticipated the appointment of acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker during a Saturday appearance on MSNBC's "AM Joy."

Butler, currently a professor at Georgetown Law and MSNBC legal analyst, suggested that the latest news about the special counsel shows he is targeting notorious GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone -- and the president's eldest son.

"As far as we know, this is all about Roger Stone and Donald Trump, Jr. -- all of these other people who have been called to the grand jury are about getting Stone and about getting Trump, Jr.," he suggested.

"The court where Mueller has brought most of his prosecutions is the federal court in D.C. -- there are 36 sealed indictments pending right now in that federal court," he revealed. "They may be from Mueller's team, they may not be, they're secret so we don't know."

"We know 18 sealed indictments have been filed since August," he continued. "August is the time that the Mueller team went on radio silence because of the upcoming midterm elections."

"It could be -- everybody knew that after the midterm elections Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions was on the way out, Trump would be able to install his own inside man, as he's done with Matt Whitaker," he noted. "Mueller -- crafty prosecutor -- he may have anticipated this and filed all of these sealed indictments in this event, in the event Trump would install an attorney general who would impede the investigation."