Former prosecutor on MSNBC obliterates Jerome Corsi for claiming Mueller is setting up a 'perjury trap'
Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi (YouTube)

Former federal prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Chuck Rosenberg obliterated the "perjury trap" claims of Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi, who says he expects to be indicted for lying to Robert Mueller's team of investigators in the Russia probe.

After host Hallie Jackson elucidated Jerome Corsi's role in the Mueller probe -"the founder of the birther theory" and "one of nearly a dozen associates of Roger Stone who have been summoned by special investigators"- she turned to Rosenberg to clarify the conspiracy theorist's claim that he'd been lured into a "perjury trap."

"Let me tell you what a perjury trap is and is not," Rosenberg replied, saying a lot of people use the term improperly. "All you need to do is go into the grand jury and tell the truth, and there's no perjury trap."

"A perjury trap is a legal thing when prosecutors ask you about something completely extraneous to set you up for lying," he added. "If they ask you questions that are at the core of their case and you don't tell the truth, that's perjury, but not a perjury trap."

"Two completely different things," Rosenberg scoffed. "He's wrong."

Watch the video below.