Ex-RNC chair blasts Trump for ditching events because of the rain: Republicans would have said terrible things if Obama did it
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday, a panel hosted by CNN's Jim Sciutto ripped President Donald Trump as an embarrassment to America, after the president refused to show up to events during his trip to Europe because of the rain.

Sciutto said that Trump was highly criticized for missing numerous events aimed at honoring veterans and the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

Doug Heye, the former Communication Director for the Republican National Convention said that Trump's actions were "troubling."

"I was very saddened. I tweeted 'imagine if Republicans had said this' because I know Republicans would have said terrible things about Barack Obama if he had skipped these ceremonies,'" Heye said.

"It's troubling to me for two reasons. One, these are the easy things to get right if you're the president," he added. "It's very easy to come to these ceremonies. And the military by in large supports Donald Trump, so he would be demonstrating strength to his own community."

Heye continued, "Two, it's another sign -- especially when you look at what Emmanuel Macron said about Trump and nationalism. We talk so long about the Trump/Macron bromance, and the reality is they are frenemies. He may be taking a step to be the leader of the free world with the United States taking a step back, as well, and that should be troubling."

Watch the full clip below via CNN.