'Great, more interruptions': Conservative stages sarcastic outburst when host calls out lies on Mueller indictments
Special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller. (Image via Tim Sloan/AFP.)

After a panel discussion about the 33 Democrats that have won house seats so far, a conservative seemed to turn to anger when she was fact checked about her chosen reality.

MSNBC's Rev. Al Sharpton began a panel discussion about the reason President Donald Trump is so against appointing an attorney general that can be impartial in overseeing the investigation chaired by special counsel Robert Mueller.

"First off, the indictments are for the majority of them are for actions that occurred before these people ever knew Donald Trump, we’re talking about wire fraud with Manafort," Stacy Washington claimed. Indeed, the Virginia trial for Manafort was about past crimes. It's the Washington, DC trial that is for things that happened during the campaign. "The Russians who were indicted will never be prosecuted. They’re the true source of interest in this. We would love to speak to them, and so the idea that somehow those indictments and the president is a little bit of a stretch."

Sharpton interrupted Washington to correct her about the words he was putting in her mouth.

"I don’t think I said that," he noted.

"Ok. Great, more interruptions," Washington said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Her snide shot was in reference to the previous segment where she was fact-checked each time she lied about something.

"I’m only clarifying what you said," Sharpton repeated. "You shouldn't be so sensitive."

Washington talked over Sharpton, saying he doesn't "clarify" with other people. The other panelists never lied about anything on the air.

"But you’re misquoting what I said. They didn’t misquote me," Sharpton shot back.

The panel dissolved into absurdity as Sharpton simply move on to other panelists. Toward the end, it was Washington that was inserting her own little quips while other panelists commented.

Watch the video below: