'Guns up': Georgia shooting range vows to 'defend our state' from 'gun grabbing, socialist beeotch' Stacey Abrams
Georgia gun group vows to protect state from Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams (Facebook/"III% Security Force Intel")

A Georgia pro-militia gun range has vowed to take action if Democrat Stacey Abrams succeeds in her bid to become the state's next governor.

In a Facebook post over the weekend, a group calling itself "III% Security Force Intel" called for "guns up" in order to protect the state from Abrams, who they accuse of being a "flag burning, gun grabbing, socialist beeotch."

The group says that it will outline its plan to protect President Donald Trump in a Monday election update, which had not been posted by the time of publication.

"Monday you will see III% Security Force tell the world that We have President Trump's 6," the group writes. "If commies win Tuesday and go forward with usurping and impeaching, you gotta come through III%. We will defend our President."

"We want President Trump to kick the shit out of deep state / police state," the group adds. "And Stacy Abrams for Governor in Ga, you flag burning, gun grabbing, socialist beeotch. we will defend our state and the second amendment."

III% Security Force Intel describes itself as a "campground, political organization and gun range." It's charter suggests the group was formed to defend militias in the U.S.

In a Sunday night post, one of the group members complained that liberal activists from Antifa had visited his page.

"Anyone who bans semi auto rifles is signing a Declaration of War," he insisted. "Tell the #FBI I said that any law banning semi auto rifles is a Declaration of War."

"You will never find your communist utopia here," the group member remarked.

For her part, Abrams told CNN on Sunday that she is supportive of "a number of approaches" for "getting dangerous weapons off the streets."

Watch a promotional video for ""III% Security Force Intel" below.