'Halloween' display of black person being lynched angers Pennsylvania bar patrons
A black man puts his face in his hands. Image via Shutterstock.

A bar owner in Pennsylvania defended putting up a "Halloween" decoration that appeared to depict a black man being hung by claiming it was supposed to be a devil.

Images of the disturbing decoration at the Kickstand bar in Elizabeth that showed a mask the owner claims is of a devil but that many onlookers said looks like a black man went viral on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

"Kickstand Bar in Elizabeth has insanely racist decor," read the subject line on a post in the r/Pittsburgh subreddit.

"According to them it represents the devil," a Twitter user wrote in a post accompanied by a photo of the decoration. "According to me it’s racism."

One Facebook user also claimed she walked out on her check when she saw the decoration at the bar.